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 At Castle Estates we have developed our business in all fields of the residential Market. We currently look after hundreds of properties fully managed for individual and multi ownership Landlords, corporate clients and housing centred organisations.

We continue to be able to say that we are ‘Growing by recommendation’ as 75% of the Landlords we see, including those who do not choose the rental market, decide to appoint us to look after their property.

We believe we have done this by continuing to develop our professional standing in the industry, through trained and qualified staff who on average, as individuals, have each been employed at Castle Estates for over 8 years each! This is a record we are very proud of.

We offer advice and information by regularly posting updates via our Blog and Landlords mailing facility (Automatic registration via the form below) by signing up you will receive regular updates that will keep you fully informed of the changes within our Industry.

What we do best is called 'Full Management' and the key is in the title. To Castle Estates, Full means Full and through our comprehensive list, we make every effort to protect both our Landlords and their property. We continue to strive to improve what we do, knowing that with experience comes the knowledge that enables us to deliver on our self imposed targets.

We strive to make property renting an enjoyable experience for Landlords and Tenants alike, not to mention the professional enjoyment we get from knowing we have done a good job!

If you feel we can assist or advise you with your Property, please fill in the form below and we will be happy to contact you by return.

Thank you for your time.