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Tenant Fees

This page is designed to confirm how much it will cost you to rent a home with Castle Estates. The fees below are split in to those that apply when you initial apply for a property and those that can occur during the time you are living in the property (Renting)

New Applications Costs (All prices include VAT) 
Referencing Fee (1 - 2 Applicants)  £180.00
Referencing Fee (Additional Tenants or Guarantors)   £  90.00


Refunds applicable to the fees above (Costs) 
Cancellation fee (Prior to Reference only) (Refund) £50.00
Cancellation fee (Additional Tenants) (Refund) £20.00
(Please note that we are unable to give refunds once the referencing process has begun.) 
Documentation Fee (Paid pre Check In) £75.00


Changed Check-In Charges 
Documentation Fee (Documents Raised Second Time)   £75.00
Additional Appointment Fee £54.00
Missed/late Appointment Fee £54.00


Charges that may apply to your time in the property, dependent upon your requirements and circumstances surrounding any such event.

Renewed Tenancy Agreement     £42.00
Periodic Prescribed Information Fee (Assured Shorthold Tenancies) £30.00


Reference Request    £42.00
Document Duplicates  £54.00
Arrears Admin charge  £54.00
Returned cheque    £36.00


These costs are listed to assist you in choosing your property, please do not hesitate to contact us for further detail or explanation of any itme listed.

Thank you.